Sanremo, Amadeus wants ten women on stage: bomb voice, names and surnames


According to what the Corriere della Sera Amadeus would have decided to surround himself with ten women for the next edition, which will be the 70th. Two every night for a total of five evenings, in February.

It seems probable the presence of two former conductors of the Festival as well as historical faces Rai, or Simona Ventura and Antonella Clerici. But it seems that in the shortlist there is also that of Georgina Rodriguez, the Spanish model famous for her connection with Cristiano Ronaldo. Among the eligible candidates also Vanessa Incontrada and Silvia Toffanin, recently seen in Viva Raiplay by Fiorello. Without forgetting Monica Bellucci, always the dream of the conductor, who would be carefully considering what to do.

According to the latest gossip in the list of the ten women that Amadeus would like in Sanremo 2020, there would no longer be Diletta Leotta and Chiara Ferragni.

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