Sand of the sea, here are the photos in which it is enlarged 300 times: images that leave you speechless


The monotony of the sand of the sea swept away by some impressive images. Yeah, because the sand looks all the same, but obviously it's not. Its true form has emerged thanks to the work of Gary Greenberg, who has spent the last ten years of his life photographing sand from all over the world with one special magnifying glass, thanks to which he managed to enlarge every single grain even by 300 face compared to the original size. And the amazing result is what you can see in the picture above and in this video published by Greenberg, speaking of his work, commented: "It is incredible to think that when we walk on the beach we are trampling on these little treasures". Difficult to blame him.

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Source link—tech/13541861/sabbia-mare-microscopio-gary-greenberg.html



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