Sabrina Ferilli, a disturbing revelation to Tu si que vales: "At the age of 20 I bought myself niche and oven"


Not just smiles and laughter for Sabrina Ferilli to You are this, the Saturday night program champion on air on Canale 5. The legendary actress, in fact, was also moved when her cousin, Ennio, who is part of the Small orchestra of Fiano Romano, the village where Ferilli has grown. "But he is my cousin Ennio!", He said surprise when he saw him on stage, while his eyes were moistened. "He is the son of my uncle Aldo, who he had a hardware store and he taught me a lot of things about screws, nails, bolts, "he added. So he performed with the orchestra on the notes of Rome is not a fool tonight, the famous piece by Lando Fiorini. But not only. Once the performance ended, he revealed a peculiar custom: "I bought a niche, or rather two. It doesn't depend on how I made myself but from our origins in Fiano Romano. They have made us responsible from a young age that life is one and therefore at twenty , on the advice of my parents, I bought myself a small oven. Yes, my first expense was a niche. We are provident people! ". In short, Sabrina Ferilli is already ready … for the afterlife. And again:" I also took it for my first husband, then I separated and I was left empty. I have two niches! Unfortunately if I don't find someone who comes with me I will spend the rest of my life with a stranger, "concluded Sabrina Ferilli.

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