Rome, the complaint of a disabled person: "Broken elevators, going to the hospital is an odyssey" – Repubblica Tv


He leaves Nettuno every day to visit his son who has been in the Gemelli hospital for two months. But the daily journey of Marilena Baraschi, disabled, turns into an agony. "I leave Nettuno every morning and arrive at Termini station. There I take a train towards Civitavecchia and get off at the San Pietro stop and there is assistance up to here". The problem is the last stretch of the journey: "I take the train of the FM3 Rome-Viterbo line and get off at the 'Gemelli' stop, which arrives in the tunnel and then there are two floors to climb, from here there is no more assistance- her mother reports to the agency that the elevators don't work. Escalators can't take them, because I can't balance myself. I have a bone marrow injury that paralyzes the whole right side of my body – tells the agency Dire – and I walk only with my left leg. The problem is the elevator. " It's been two months "that I travel with the train and at least once a week both of the elevators of platform 1 and 2 do not work. For a week, however, both have been broken. It is an adventure every day, you never know if these elevators work or not ".

Video agency Dire

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