Roberto Benigni returns to Sanremo: "After Pinocchio, the Festival is another fairy tale"


Roberto Benigni will be the guest of the seventieth edition of the Sanremo Festival conducted by Amadeus. This was announced by the Oscar winner Fabio Fazio a What's the weather like, where he was a guest to talk about Pinocchio, the new film by Matteo Garrone of which he is the protagonist in the role of Geppetto. "The Sanremo festival is another fairy tale, it's a fairy tale," says Benigni. "Then it is the seventieth edition, it will be an extraordinary Sanremo". What's he going to do? Too early to say, Benigni loves to surprise, but he follows the political news. Who knows if this year at the center of satire there will be the Prime Minister Conte and the Giallorossi government or will play with the satire of custom.

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The last time he was at the Ariston eight years ago, when he got into the saddle of a white horse, to talk about the unity of Italy and interpret the Mameli hymn. The actor-director has a long association with Sanremo: in 2002 the presenter is Pippo Baudo, swept up on stage by the comedian, who palpates and dishevels him. But the arrival of Benigni, that year, becomes a case with Giuliano Ferrara's campaign to prevent him from performing on stage. There is talk of a blitz organized to throw eggs at him while he takes the floor at the Ariston theater. Nothing happens, Benigni talks about the role of the comedian: "The comedians are soaked with love, they are saints, they are a gift from heaven. They break the rules, they are not wise. We make people cry and laugh. Only God is love and wisdom". Then the first lunge: "Now let's move on to serious things: Silvio Berlusconi". And down the first laugh, but the attack fades, takes another path: "The real protagonist of the Festival is the pea of ​​Baudo", says Benigni. "To be honest, I was the first to get my hands on it. Even before Mrs. Ricciarelli". Baudo has to defend himself against Benigni's attack that jumps on him and tries to touch him: "Guys, the hair is real, it's the pea that is fake".

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Back in Sanremo in 2009, when the conductor is Paolo Bonolis. Memorable intervention, all political. He does not spare Veltroni, Berlusconi, but neither Mina nor Iva Zanicchi. To conclude with a long tribute to homosexuality: he reads a letter from Oscar Wilde. Joking about the text of the song by Iva Zanicchi (who talks about sex without love and invites the man not to "last" a little), Benigni addresses the premier with the invitation to go out with the singer and MEP, imagining them in the car with the seats overturned . Then change register. He speaks of violence against homosexuals: "It is an incredible story that has been going on for millennia. Homosexuals are not out of God's plan. Of sins there is only stupidity."



Benigni show: "They called me Pinocchietto"

In 2011 with Gianni Morandi, the appearance of Benigni is memorable. Enter the Ariston riding a white horse, unroll the tricolor, pay tribute to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. He cries twice "long live Italy". So the first line: "I had some doubts about going on horseback because these days the knights are not going so well. Our nation is 150 years old. It is a child, a minor. When Mameli wrote, the hymn had twenty years, so he was a minor, because he reached the age of twenty-one, however, with the history of the minor he cannot bear it any longer and it was born in Sanremo, with the Cinquetti singing I'm not old enough and pretended to be the niece of Claudio Villa ". In the end he pronounces the name of Ruby Rubacuori." Oh well, we said it. "His final interpretation, a cappella, of the hymn of Mameli, also moves the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano: The head of state asks that the video of the exhibition be shown in schools.

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