Renzi at Tgcom24: "The problem of the majority is not me, Di Maio takes a selfie"


Intervening in the in-depth program of Tgcom24 on the clashes between the M5S and the PD and on the increase in the tax burden, Renzi also recalled his political activity: "They wanted to increase the VAT, decided by Salvini and Di Maio, and we blocked it. We reduced each type of increase in fiscal pressure on mobile phones and diesel fuel ".

Renzi: "The tax on plastic and sugar is mad" – As for plastic and sugar tax, the leader of Italia Viva underlined his position: "The last few figures, a few hundred million euros, on plastic and sugar taxes are missing. These are taxes that work from the point of view media, but I'm against it, I wouldn't put it in. I want to fight plastic pollution, but to do that you have to invest in the circular economy, recycle and re-use plastic, not massacre plastic companies, because otherwise you prevent the transformation from old economy a new economy ".

"If to increase the tax on plastics – he added – there are 10 thousand people who remain unemployed, the poor people pay the bill: that's why the plastic tax is madness. Same thing about sugar, if you want our children not to drink more carbonated drinks you have to take a path of nutrition education. If you put a tax on sugar, companies close and go elsewhere ".

IS on citizenship income: "I don't like populism to build opportunities to increase citizenship income. We have too many taxes, this is the real problem of our country, people go to work for the first 20 days of the month just to pay taxes".

Speaking of bureaucracy, Renzi declares: "The 120 billion are not only there, but when you unblock the yards there are more. These are just public money, because when you open the jobs you attract private individuals. Rosico when I go to Sicily are 6 billion euros. They are stuck in the pact with the Sicily Region, if I think of what they ask for citizenship income and could be available to work in. The release would be effective in three respects: Italy's GDP rises, places are created of work and secure the territory ".

"Italia Shock – he concludes – is of fundamental importance. When I was President of the Council, we made an operation with Expo, a commissioner is needed as with Beppe Sala who was controlled by Cantone. But what he controls must be like Gentile with Maradona at the 1982 World Cup. The theme is that it must be very precise and careful in its control, put that money and Italy will restart, and there should be total unity between Berlusconi, Salvini, Meloni and all of them. Is anyone opposed to public works?".

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