Pope Francis against Matteo Salvini, the Northern League must be demonized: the comment by Antonio Socci


Seeing the Left's obsession with Salvini, in these months, it seems to go back in time.
How many times have we already seen this sad film, this sort of (political) hunt for the black man by the "sincere democrats", this fanatical monster, this collective assault on the Enemy of Humanity?
The Left in Italy has always been like this for decades: a factory of hatred, intolerance and demonization. With so many "employees of rancor" to support it in the media. There are entire libraries that document this story, from the post-war years to the recent ones: rivers of hatred overflowing against all those who were identified as enemies because they dared oppose its hegemony (in certain historical moments, in which the more sectarian groups pursued the revolution as is known, physical violence was not lacking either).

The main opponents of the Left have been subjected to long hate campaigns, have been demonized, obsessively attacked, ridiculed and "asphalted". With the choir – of course – of many media and squares. It was hoped that with the collapse (in shame) of communism our Left, which for years had supported inhuman regimes, made a severe self-criticism and also changed its way of doing politics. Instead he only overturned the jacket, the day after the collapse of the Wall he announced that there were no more communists (indeed, no one remembered he had been) and he continued to rage exactly with the same methods: with the same practice of demonizing the adversary. Accompanied by the radical-chic and cattoprogressisti salons.
Thus in the 2000s it fell to Berlusconi, who had just entered politics. And today it is exactly the film we are seeing against Salvini and – more recently – against Giorgia Meloni since her consent grew (she has already earned the cover of this week's Espresso).

It is a film already seen. The Left changes little. Today they are all obsessed with Salvini. They also dream of it at night. Their speech revolves around Salvini. Always. Save me here, Salvini there. Every word or gesture or selfie gives the Left the opportunity to hurl excommunications and invectives. Salvini is the alibi that allows them to justify any choice they make. Were bitter enemies of the grillini until August? If they are said of all colors? Do they have opposite ideas? Yet they immediately rushed to do the government together: to stop Salvini.

But – they object – you have lost the elections, the Italians have sent you to a historic low and the polls say it is a government without a majority in the country. Answer: it does not matter, it is our duty to stop Salvini, we save democracy by governing as a minority; we must do this indigestion of seats because otherwise – if we vote for the Italians – Salvini would win. Without the government they argue about anything, they recognize themselves that an executive like this cannot go on, that it is a disaster for the country, however – they explain to you – we must keep him alive with oxygen just to keep Salvini at the opposition. Ask them how they can suffer the Mes wanted by Germany which will be a disaster for Italy (as authoritative and independent voices have certified) and they answer you: Salvini wants to take us out of the euro (Gualtieri has even accused Salvini of having done on the Mes « a terrorist campaign ").

Anyone who attacks Salvini has their applause: even Francesca Pascale, Berlusconi's partner, who said she thinks of "taking to the streets with sardines". Reply from the sardine chief, Mattia Santori: "La Pascale among us? We welcome anyone who deviates from sovereignty ». Salvini is the absolute evil for them (the devil, he hinted at a famous cover of the Christian family). Scalfari yesterday went so far as to write that "Salvini is a dictator" who "would leave the position of master of the Mediterranean to the president of all the Russias, Vladimir Putin", in other words "Salvini would be his high representative in the Mediterranean" and would like "an Italy international representative of a great foreign empire ». There is something to be seen. In Italy there really was a party that took orders from the Soviet Union, but it was the PCI. Was Scalfari anti-communist? After all, at that time it was the PCI that accused De Gasperi's DC of being "subservient" to the US and NATO.

About the overturning of the omelette: Scalfari – instead of its laughable scenarios of political fiction – does it not actually see an "Italy enslaved" to other foreign powers? Do you not capture subjection in other parties?
No one will answer. Because attacking Salvini is the categorical imperative. Salvini is to blame for everything, even for the high water in Venice that has existed for centuries. For anything you need to point the finger at Salvini. Some days ago a "sardine" was seen on television attacking Salvini for the Jobs Act. The reality of the Jobs Act was done by the Democratic Party, but that young man attacked Salvini because last year, he said, he should have abolished it. The newspaper of the bishops, Avvenire, published an editorial on the front page: "Giu le mani da Maria". He spoke of the "blasphemous collectives" of the University of Bologna who had organized – on the occasion of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception – the party "Immaculate with (tracc) ezione". The invitation "with so many condoms fluttering over a Marian image" read: "Let us ban the virginal Marian sanctity".

There is also this on the left, as is known. The future in that editorial spoke of "politicians without respect" but – careful – not to criticize the Left, but to put those "blasphemous collectives" on the same level as Salvini because, a Porta a porta, he recently quoted, inviting them to meditate on it , a message given by Our Lady in Medjugorje. We remain speechless before such preconceived hostility. This is a change from the 1970s. The Bergoglian church has also become part of this party of envy and demonization. And this personal demonization is not remembered in the history of the Church of the last century: never have the Catholic media and bishops manifested such an obsession against a politician (certainly not for PCI leaders, more than respected, nor even for anti-clerical radicals ). Never has such a thing been seen.
Truly singular considering that Salvini is a Catholic, who gathers the vote of the majority of Catholics and fights in defense of Christian values ​​(the League, to say, was the first to protest for that demonstration in Bologna, while the Curia of Cardinal Zuppi arrived last).

The other novelty is surreal and it is this: unlike the past decades, until the Berlusconi era, today this "party of hatred" and demonization masquerades, no less, as anti-hate, obviously accusing Salvini of hate. And it's all a laughable parade of old comrades posing as nuns of charitable love.
The old Marx in the 18th Brumaire of Luigi Bonaparte wrote: «Hegel notes in one passage of his works that all the great facts and the great characters of universal history are presented, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add the first time as a tragedy, the second time as a farce ". This is the case of the Italian Left, which was a communist, today "progressive", which until yesterday even went into a squabble even for Gramsci's text entitled "I hate the indifferent" and which today would unleash a pity if that word "hate" was pronounced by Salvini, since the present Left tears its clothes, accusing its adversaries of hatred even if they speak of the Christian faith and the crib. It's the world upside down.

of Antonio Socci

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