Poll Pagnoncelli, the wind of the turnaround: "La Borgonzoni tallona Bonaccini". Trail effect for Salvini


Just over forty days from regional elections in Emilia Romagna the company of Ipsos surveys of Nando Pagnoncelli, on the indication of Corriere della Sera, has felt the pulse of the voters, who to a large extent promote the outgoing administration: in fact 73% express a positive judgment against 22% which gives a negative opinion. The favorable evaluations prevail among all the electorates, including those of the center-right (55% to 42%). This is a decidedly good balance sheet, given the "coldness" expressed by the voters in the previous regional elections that had set a record of abstentions: only a little more than one voter out of three (37.7%) went to the polls .

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Focusing attention on the two main candidates – the outgoing president Stefano Bonaccini and the Northern League senator Lucia Borgonzoni, candidate of the center-right – there is a different level of notoriety and appreciation: the first is known by 82% of voters and appreciated by 55% (against 26% who do not appreciate it), the challenger is known by 71% and appreciated by 32% (with 38% against). Bonaccini prevails slightly over Borgonzoni (44.2% to 42.1%), therefore with 8.4% the candidate of the M5S (tested without indication, given that the interviews were carried out before the formalization of Simone Benini), while the other candidates overall reach 5.3%.

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