places up for grabs for the 2020 edition of 8 hours


The 8 hours of Sepang will represent a qualifying competition for the 8 hours of Suzuka 2020 with up to 26 seats up for grabs: that's why.

The second round of the FIM EWC 2019/2020, the first "winter" race in the history of the World Endurance, a maxi-event awarded the name "Race of Malaysia". The 8 hours of Sepang next December 14 will be all this, but not only. Officially with the Malaysian calendar marathon, the countdown to the 8-hour Suzuka 2020 will start. Not in a manner of speaking, but in effect, as a qualifying race for the "race of the competitions".


To convince the All Japan and Asian continent teams to take part in the event, the 8 hours of Sepang is the first race valid for the "Suzuka Try Out", a series of races that will determine the teams admitted by law in the 8 hours of Rising Sun of 19 July 2020. Whoever wants to compete at Suzuka will have to go through the 8 hours of Sepang or, alternatively, in the All Japan stage on the roller coaster track and at the Suzuka Sunday Road Race. With the aim, above all, of obtaining a significant result to be included in the 8-hour entry list.


In the future the 8 hours of Sepang will be even more decisive for this purpose, but already for this inaugural edition it will assign up to a maximum of 26 places for Suzuka 2020. Specifically, guaranteed place for the 20 best teams at the finish line in Malaysia, plus further 6 divided among the best teams “of South East Asia”Ranked in the EWC rankings (3 places) and Superstock (3).


For this reason Sepang will mark the official start of the 8-hour Suzuka 2020 countdown. For example, Yamaha Sepang Racing Team runs with the intention of "qualifying" Yamaha Factory, as well as the start of the registration of All Japan team as Honda Asia (in the opening photo), Kawasaki RS-ITOH, Aprilia Sugai Racing Japan and many others. At the moment, in fact, only 5 teams have the guaranteed place for the 8 hours of Suzuka 2020: Kawasaki KRT (in triumph this year), TONE SYNCEDGE 4413 BMW (victorious in the Superstock class), Sakurai Honda, Team Frontier, Honda Suzuka Racing Team and Zaif NCXX Racing.

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