Paul Pogba, goodbye Manchester United: Juventus? No, Real Madrid by Zinedine Zidane


The last market bowler releases the French newspaper L'Equipe: we speak nothing less than the transalpine Paul Pogba. His adventure at Manchester United, for the second time in his career, he could be at the end of the line: a decision by the midfielder, who would like to start a new adventure. For some time there has been talk of his return to Juventus, who would be interested in taking him back, but the person concerned has other things in mind: the real Madrid of Zinedine Zidane, to be precise, a coach who has never hidden his desire to train it. Zizou, second L'Equipe, would be pushing a lot to have Pogba, which could arrive already next summer. For the Octopus, in Manchester, a disappointing start to the season, with ankle problems that keep him away from the camp since October. In short, the table seems really set for his farewell, destination Madrid and camiseta blanca.

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