Paolo Del Debbio on Dritto and Rovescio: "Salvinizzato a caz ***. Today, the League …"


As always, and as it does in its program, Paolo Del Debbio does not use turns of words. Interviewed by Blogo, we talk about Network 4 and is asked if the channel is "salvinizzato", accusation that it rains on the part of those who maintain that the talk shows of the Mediaset network are too … sovranisti. The answer of the conductor of Straight and Reverse: "Rete 4 saved? Save a cazz ***". Question asked why Del Debbio pointed out that from last March 7th to today, Matteo Salvini has intervened 9 times in transmission (and the reason, to date, is that on Rete 4 as well as on all the other broadcasters the leader of the League makes the share spill). "The others have also come – Del Debbio dry replica -. They all come, it's not too much, on the other hand we're talking about a determining subject in this period. We also had Luigi Di Maio many times, whoever wants to come comes ".

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Therefore, they remind Del Debbio how Straight and Reverse now punctually A clean sweep of Corrado Formigli on La7. And the conductor replies slyly: "I do not care if the others are good or bad, I am interested in being okay. We are satisfied, we are quietly beyond expectations – he underlines -, of course on television counts to make results, but especially continuity. We will have to continue on this level, it is not easy, we are happy that the public has chosen us in a massive way, "he remarks. So, to make clear the merits of Straight and Reverse, adds: "There are many news programs during the week. We arrive after Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone has almost told everything. Either face something that others have already faced, or tell those issues differently. I found a particular formula that enlivens the program by comparing politicians with the studio audience ", concludes Paolo Del Debbio, who clearly found the right formula.

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