Open and money to the parties, Noto poll: "Worse than Tangentopoli", the Italians could overwhelm Renzi


The Open case is grafted into an already highly negative climate regarding the financing of everything that has started and its surroundings. And judging by the survey by Antonio Noto, Matteo Renzi is Italy Viva they could be the first victims of the new wave of anti-politics. It starts with the "confidence that voters have in the political class and in party organizations: the 5%", writes the pollster for the National newspaper. Virtually nothing.

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"To make a comparison, in the period of Tangentopoli, in the early 90s it stood at 30%". Also for this, Noto suggests," today only the 22% of the Italians would be in favor of accepting a new law providing for the return to the public financing". And in a climate so exasperated and embittered, the fact that Open is not a party but a foundation, and that at least formally the funds are all transparent and declared, could pass happily unnoticed.

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