on the order of the PD boycotted the solidarity initiative in Siena


Siena, 10 Dec – A Siena the sardines they throw (once again) the mask and on the order of Pd boycott a fundraising initiative by an environmental association, "Rea" of being linked to CasaPound. Two municipal councilors of the center-left di Sovicille used the Facebook group “Sardine Siena"To invite members to boycott a store because it hosts a solidarity initiative of the environmental association The advancing forest. We are talking about volunteers who collected food for abandoned animals, leaning against a store. From here theparty order not to set foot in the shop. Because – writes on the page "Sardine Siena" Silvio Fei, majority councilor (Pd) in nearby Sovicille – "CasaPound moves (in my opinion also effectively) and commercial activities give it space. The problem is that these things are used to proselytize and fill the ranks of the beams". The sardines immediately accepted the invitation, pledging never to enter the store in question again.

The Replica of the Advancing Forest: "From the left it is usually a mechanism of intimidation"

"We collect food for abandoned animals – volunteers from La Foresta Che Avanza – and la." left attempts to oppose through the usual mechanism of intimidation, which recalls methods used by specific organizations. To the spread of the news of one of our food collection banquets regularly assigned within the structure of "The Treasure Island" of Siena, a municipal councilor elected on the sovicillin left lists, began to spread an appeal through Facebook, inviting users to pretend to be 'dumbed down' customers it's at write a mass e-mail to the head office of the commercial chain, to request that the same officially distance itself from the initiative, taking the applause and approval of another well-known exponent of the left and municipal councilor of Sovicille ".

"Sardine Siena? Nth, ephemeral symbol directed by the Democratic Party "

"What is even more serious – the note continues – is that the promoter of the action of mystification and intimidation comes from a town councilor who sits in the ranks of the mayor of Sovicille, Giuseppe Gugliotti, and that among the comments that applaud the initiative against food collection there is another councilor, in support of the mayor of the Democratic Party. Everything happens on the Facebook group "Sardine Siena", demonstrating, if ever it were needed, how this is the umpteenth and ephemeral symbol heterodirected by the Pd and by the left that makes hatred a flag, all perhaps driven by a desire to rebuild a political virginity having lost contact with the Italians and their needs ”.

"We expect the conviction by mayor and councilors"

"Lash out against a private individual through the usual practice of the so-called ban list to the left – concludes the volunteers of La Foresta Che Avanza – threatening commercial boycotts for the sole fault of having hosted a solidarity initiative, it is a behavior very serious, especially if carried out by those who should represent the institutions. For this we expect that, the Mayor Gugliotti, the sovicillini councilors and the Sienese institutions condemn the pressures and intimidations addressed to the pet shop, and take a stand against a climate that, from the left, is directing politics on a very dangerous terrain: that of confrontation and the will to plug the political opponent's mouth ”.

Adolfo Spezzaferro

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