Nissan X-Trail, the giant thinks small


Large, suitable for off-road, very spacious and with a passenger compartment that can reach up to seven seats: the X-Trail is the perfect photograph of the modern SUV. The 4.7-meter length and the 1.71 height give a bagliaglio of almost 1000 liters (975 to be precise) and a very spacious cockpit, also easily accessible thanks to the rear doors that can be opened up to almost 80 °, a idea to facilitate the loading of bikes, surfboards and many other things.

It is just an example of the attention to practicality by a bestseller that has a range with two new engines, a diesel and a petrol, married to a six-speed manual transmission, automatic Xtronic or automatic dual-clutch Dct to seven relationships. And then of course the normal two-wheel drive or the full 4 × 4.
In both cases the engines are full of torque and give the big Suv plenty of fluidity, even if the 1.7-liter and 150-hp dCi diesel gets the better. It is available in 2WD and 4WD versions, with six-speed manual gearbox or Xtronic Cvt automatic and introduces important innovations such as the air-water intercooler for exhaust gas cooling and the Selective Catalytic Reduction system capable of reducing the emissions of Nox.

The petrol engine is more powerful and quiet, a 1.3-liter turbocharged 160-hp Dig-T, which can only be combined with the two-wheel drive and Dct double-clutch automatic transmission that sports a more compact head, new injectors, new turbocharger with valve “ electronically controlled e-waste gate and cylinder spray coating to reduce friction and increase drag.

Lots of new features to make the X-Trail more modern. The same goes for the Dct dual-clutch gearbox that offers smooth power delivery, immediate gear changes and better acceleration when starting from a standstill. Of course, the steering is not very precise, but on a maxi SUV of almost five meters it is not a defect. Difficult to find customers who look for sports sensations with such a machine. It is easier to find someone who looks after security systems. And that's why on the new X-Trail Nissan has spared nothing in terms of driver assistance technologies, like the Lane Assist Pack, which includes Lane Keep Assist and Intelligent Cruise Control. The package is available on the 1.7-liter diesel engine and manual transmission, for the N-Connecta and Tekna fittings.

Not to mention the Safety Shield safety technology package that becomes standard on all X-Trail versions starting from the Acenta set-up and includes intelligent emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, involuntary lane change warning, intelligent detection of road signs and automatic control of high beams.All without betraying one of the proverbial classic strengths of Nissan, the value for money: the X-Trail has a promotion that sees the list start at € 26,960 instead of € 28,450 with financing and exchange / scrapping. In short, a Maxi Suv at the price of a compact model.

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