New Year's Eve, Sergio Mattarella: "Wishes are an opportunity to think about the future"


"To promote trust, the proper functioning of the public institutions that must nourish it is crucial – underlined Mattarella -, promoting social cohesion. This is possible by ensuring adequate, effective and timely decisions on the issues of the concrete life of citizens. Democracy is strengthened if institutions keep reasonable hope alive. "

The President of the Republic also talks about climate change. "Environmental choices are not only an indispensable defense of nature in the interest of future generations but also represent an important opportunity for development, job creation, connection between scientific research and industry", explained the head of state.

"Let's go back to the populations of threatened cities, like Venice – he highlighted -, of the territories affected by earthquakes or floods, of polluted areas, to underline how the issue of environmental protection is fundamental for our country".

"Every society – he then observed – always needs young people. If possible even more today that life span has increased and the demographic balance has shifted towards the more advanced age". "This new condition requires that more care and attention be given to the elderly – a precious part of society. At the same time, a lot of investment must be made in young people", He continued, "we give confidence, also to avoid exodus to foreign countries. We give them properly paid employment opportunities. We encourage the formation of new families


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