Minecraft goes to the Vatican: friar opens a server to fight cyberbullying


The aim is to reach, through videogames, a community intent on marrying the same values ​​of positivity, equality and sharing, taking advantage of the product that most of all promotes the same philosophy to fight cyberbullying and the toxicity that one "breathes" often and willingly in online communities.

The choice of Minecraft is derived from a poll proposed by Ballecer on Twitter, with 64% of the votes that suggested to the priest to promote this initiative on the sandbox created by Mojang. A clear preference that allowed the game to overcome alternatives such as Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved is Team Fortress 2.

Now it remains only to convince the Vatican, which will evaluate the proposal of Father Robert Ballecer and which will also have to take into account the consents of over 24 thousand fans of the popular friar with a passion for computer science and video games.

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