Mes, the economist and deputy Pd Galli raised the dust before Meloni and Salvini


To raise the dust on the Mes They have not been Matteo Salvini or Giorgia Meloni, but a former Member of the Pd. To remember it is the Time: the "unconscious" move that started the case that could sink the premier Conte was the economist Giampaolo Galli, today vice-director of the Italian Public Accounts Observatory of the Catholic University of Milan and until May 2018 a democratic parliamentarian.

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The Roman daily Galli explains that he was heard at the House Budget Commission on November 6, "he put black on white i critical points of the reform of the European Stability Mechanism ". Which?" debt restructuring public could become an almost automatic precondition for having access to the Mes's resources ". And again, as we read in the memo filed in the Commission," the collective action clauses they risk overly facilitating debt restructuring. "Translation: the Italian treasury bonds, if Italy ever needed the Mes, would become waste paper.

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