Mes, Conte takes a breath but Di Maio already thinks of the decisive count in the Chamber: government on the precipice


The Mes still creates headaches to the Count bis. The postponement obtained for the vote on the treaty does not calm the minds within the majority. The tension between With you is Di Maio no signs of fading. The writes the Messenger on newsstands Thursday 5 December. The EU commissioner Gentiloni he has in fact invited all the ministers of the nineteen countries of the euro area to start the meeting of the Eurogroup with "the right foot". A signal, writes Marco Conti, perhaps to the minister Gualtieri not to question understandings already reached after months of confrontation.

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The debate that has been unleashed in Italy on the reform of the save-state concluded by the government M5S-League and now disputed by the parties themselves, it has had a considerable influence on the meeting which has been going on for hours. The threats of the grillini not to vote on the Mes reform when the text arrives in the hall for ratification, could call into question the work done in two years. "Needless to fix dates unless changes are made", Minister Luigi Di Maio argued with his own. But Gualtieri and Conte himself believe that there is still room to obtain further guarantees that there will be no mandatory debt restructuring for countries in difficulty and that, above all, Italy is not among them because it has a high public debt , but sustainable.

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