Mes, Alberto Bagnai in Agora: "Giuseppe Conte held European affairs without understanding the reason"


Alberto Bagnai, host of Serena Bortone to Agora, up Rai three, attacks the prime minister, raising a serious suspicion on the Mes issue: "It is under the eyes of everyone that Giuseppe Conte wanted to keep the department of European affairs for six months without it being understood exactly reason after that Paolo Savona who occupied it had gone to the presidency of Consob"." He could easily have named a Northern League to that ministry, "underlines Bagnai," which he did immediately after what he hoped was a conclusion of the negotiation that instead re-opened in Europe thanks to the League. While Conte spoke, I note, two economic advisors from Emmanuel Macron they said the Mes was not a good treatise. So in Europe they are leaguers if disavowing treaties that are absurd is like a Northern League.

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