Men's fashion, briefs or boxers? What you need to know about men's underwear


A proposal by Dolce & Gabbana for next spring-summer, boxers inspired by Versace's boxing world, a look by Intimissimi Uomo

BETWEEN BODY… – Generally, men who choose briefs do so primarily for reasons of convenience and practicality. They are a very appreciated garment especially when practicing sports, because they do not clutter and do not inhibit movements. Be careful, though, because they cover much less ed they emphasize the build. Boxers, on the other hand, enhance the figure, so they are recommended for athletic physicists as well as for those who are not very tall. The rather large, "all-American" model is also good for those who are very thin.

… AND MIND – Boxers are usually preferred by more traditional men. Those "all-American", in particular, are rather appreciated by those who do not like tight-fitting fabrics. The first company to realize their potential, in 1925, was Everlast, which transformed boxing shorts into a garment underwear, thanks to the elastic that replaced the leather band. The slip instead, for their part, are favored by those who enjoy greater self-confidence and has a sporty nature.

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