Men's fashion: bags, backpacks or baby carriers? How to better organize yourself


WHY PREFER THE BACKPACK – It is practically impossible to say no to one of the most popular accessories for men. Comfortable, practical, adjustable with shoulder straps to make it suitable for all types of physicality. They range from sports models to more formal ones. The pockets are or can be both internal and external, to organize everything to the fullest and optimize spaces. In many cases they have padded compartments designed for the PC and tablet.

ALL IN ONE BAG – Whether you remember that of the doctor or contain a bit of everything at Mary Poppins, the bag to carry by hand always has its why and defines the look. Versatile and functional, the little ones have a shoulder strap and are perfect for those situations where it is sufficient to have a few things with them.

AND THE BAD? – Yes Yes Yes. Rediscovered not long ago, the baby carrier has strongly come back into vogue thanks to its predominant feature: great comfort. Once worn, one practically forgets to wear it. It is ideal for a style that is not too formal, even if on the catwalks several variations have been seen, also proposed with outfits more elegant.

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