mayor of Massa and councilor attacked by antagonists (Video)


Florence, Dec 1 – Il mayor of Massa Francesco Persiani and themunicipal councilor Veronica Ravagli, who were with their families last night they were surrounded by a group of antagonists and attacked with insults, thrusts and spits while they were going to the electoral dinner with Matteo Salvini in Florence. The victims of the aggression reported it as soon as they arrived at the initiative of the League. "We had parked in Via Aretina to go to dinner – explained Ravagli – when a group of people, about forty, who were not demonstrating, started insulting us and then surrounded us with threatening ways. There were no law enforcement officers nearby and only one policewoman arrived ”. The demonstration in progress, needless to say, was that of sardines.

Councilor Ravagli: "Attacked by a large group of so-called democrats"

"A little while ago I was physically and verbally attacked by a large group of so-called democrats. I was going to the League dinner organized in Florence. Here, a few meters from the place of the event, a group of antagonists first offended us with unrepeatable insults and then literally got their hands on us, "said Ravagli. The councilor explained that to witness the aggression he took "the phone and started shooting a video. At that point they ripped my phone off and threw it away and I was pushed to the ground. Meanwhile they spit in the face of the mayor and my husband". "They surrounded us by threatening us that they would beat us – said Mayor Persiani -. We were afraid because we were alone. An exhibit will certainly do so ”.

Salvini: "In the face of democracy, here are those who sow hatred …"

Matteo Salvini posted the video of the attack on Twitter, commenting: "In the face of democracy, here are those who sow hatred … In Florence attacked the mayor of Massa, Francesco Persiani, with daughter and wife, and councilor Veronica Ravagli who was thrown to the ground, between spits and insults. A hug to them. We will go on stronger than before! ". At the end of the dinner the leader of the League pointed out that it is not possible to have a deployment of police forces to organize a dinner.

Aggression also against the municipal councils of Florence Montelatici and Cocollini

And meanwhile also the municipal councilors of Florence Antonio Montelatici and Emanuele Cocollini they came face to face with the antagonists as they went to the Tuscany Hall dinner. Back at the car, at the end of the event, they found considerable damage to the car, which had the broken left mirror, scratches on all the sides and engraved an insulting note against the League.

The video shared on Twitter by Salvini:

Ludovica Colli

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