Matteo Salvini, the San Donato Sy bus hijacker in the classroom: "All his fault and his crimes"


It attacks Matteo Salvini in front of the court Ousseynou Sy, accused of massacre and fire for the hijacking of a bus with on board 50 children last March 20 a San Donato Milanese. This morning the man asked for and got statements made spontaneously. During the 20 minutes of his monologue he repeated the proclamations related to the pan-Africanism to which he had already mentioned during the interrogations immediately after the facts and for the umpteenth time he quoted the then Interior Minister, considering him "responsible for child deaths and of people in the Mediterranean ", accusing him also of "crimes against humanity".

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Sy then referred to the closure of ports which prevents people being saved as happens "in the omission of relief". He then made a digression stating that "Africa is a rich continent that has always been subjected to oppression by the West", which steals its resources.

"I await the learned comments of Giornalians, intellectuals and various claims, at least someone will agree with this criminal, shall we bet?", Commented Salvini on his Twitter profile.

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