Matteo Salvini on Elba, reached by sardines. He challenges her in the square: "Long live you, cod and catfish"


Matteo Salvini lands on the island of Elba, where in Portoferraio he held a rally in view of the Tuscan Regionals scheduled for next spring and – it will have been sea air – he joked about the Sardine movement: «Life is too beautiful and too short, I've stopped getting angry now. There is no time to get angry. Cods, sardines, catfish, all alive … Long live all the specs of the world, live all the animals of the world … ».

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Salvini has launched a speech to the Prime Minister on the matter of the State-saving fund, whose reform would have been approved by the Italian government despite a Parliament resolution that went in the opposite direction: "We have summoned Prime Minister Conte to Parliament for Monday. If you have signed something, on behalf of the Italians, that you were not allowed to sign, resign and apologize … ».
Salvini has also for his Milan: "Tomorrow afternoon I do two hours of spiritual journey and self-inflicted suffering, because I am going to see Parma-Milan …". So the conclusion: "We will definitely be back to the government before Milan in the Champions League …".

In the video of Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev, the sardines in the square in Florence

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