Matteo Salvini insulted by the protester: "You're a fool". The megaphone replica: triumph in the square


The usual suspects in action. The context is that of a meeting of Matteo Salvini, impromptu speech at the Lega stand in piazza Cairoli, in Milan, where adhesions are gathered against the Mes, the notorious saving-state fund at the center of the debate and above all of the political confrontation. And here he is, therefore, the usual known, a protester who he finds nothing better to do than insult Salvini: "Buffone, you're a fool", the guy shouts. Stunning the reply of the leader of the League who, with a megaphone in his mouth, addressing the victim, states: "I love you brother". The curtain falls: a protester annihilated with four meager words.

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Video: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev

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