Matteo Renzi, Luca Sammartino investigated for electoral corruption. Passed to Italia Viva, it's mister preferences


A new trouble for Matteo Renzi on the judicial front. Luca Sammartino, Sicilian regional deputy, received a guarantee notice from the Catania Public Prosecutor's Office: hypothesized crime "electoral corruption", regarding the Regionals of 2017 and the Politics of 2018 (when, candidate for the college of Misterbianco, he was not elected, however) The 34-year-old is not a name just recently: ex UDC, then passed to the Pd, has passed in recent weeks a Italy Viva of Renzi and is above all a "lord of preferences". At the regional 2017 had taken the beauty of 32 thousand preferences, an absolute record being the most voted in all of Sicily.

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"According to the investigators – reports the Corriere della Sera – there would be a round of spintarelle, assumptions is favors various in exchange for votes. And most of the hypotheses of crime concern promises of assumptions in exchange for electoral support to Sammartino ". Not a great business card with which to present oneself to the colleagues of Italia Viva, even if Sammatino says he is" serene and confident in the work of the magistrates to which my respect for the function carried out in democratic institutions goes ". At least, it seems quieter than Renzi, struggling with the thorny investigation on Open, his former safe-foundation.

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