Marracash and Tha Supreme among the most sought after in the top ten of "Genius"


Every day millions of music lovers around the world, especially rap but also pop and rock, turn to Genius to discover the lyrics of their favorite songs and the secrets that are hidden behind the songs, often through the authentic interpretation of the compositions that is offered to Genius by the same authors. Each month, the site publishes the ranking of the most requested texts or artists.

"The Month In Lyrics" of last November has reserved more than one surprise because not only Kanye West and Billie Eilish have recorded the highest number of requests among artists, with 2,291 million and 2,107 million requests, respectively but the most welcome news concerns Italy and in particular Marracash which appears in third place among the most sought after artists with 1,573 million requests, before Eminem with 1,419 million and The Weeknd with 1,393 million. Marracash also achieved excellent results in the albums, ranking second with 101,000 page views for the album Person behind the 105 thousand requests for Jesus is King of Kanye West.

Marracash and Tha Supreme among the most sought after in the top ten of

The ranking published by "Genius"

In seventh place among the artists another Italian artist also appears, Tha Supreme, Roman rapper of Fiumicino. Obviously, both Tha Supreme and Marracash are supported in the rankings by the recent release of their new albums, respectively 236451 is Person, but the presence in the top ten places in the world is undoubtedly a remarkable result, considering that in the first twenty positions there are only Anglo-American artists except Marracash, Tha Supreme and the Russian rapper THRILL PILL, in 15th place with 787,000 requests.

Marracash and Tha Supreme among the most sought after in the top ten of

The video of "Noia" by Tha Supreme. The Roman rapper often uses his animated alter ego

Another interesting ranking is the Top Songs Chart which reflects quite directly what the world hears every day, every day. In the top twenty positions, led by Billie Eilish with Everything I wanted, does not appear Marracash but only Tha Supreme, in 18th place in the standings with the song blun7 a swishland, much in demand also for the obscurity of the text, full of references in the jargon of the youngest to marijuana and drugs.

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