Maran pushes Cagliari: "We want to continue to dream"


CAGLIARI – Numbers in hand, is the big match of the day, between the two teams in the best shape of the moment: Cagliari fourth with 29 points (thirteen useful results in a row, after the double false start to home against Brescia and Inter) and Lazio third in share 33, back from seven statements in a row. In other words, the postponement of Monday night at the Sardegna Arena promises to be good. "Playing in this ranking makes us look good. We managed to carve out a bit of prestige, we want to honor him in a big way – says the rossoblu coach Rolando Maran in the traditional chat with the journalists the day before. – Tomorrow we face the more fit and difficult team of the moment, let's play head-on, it's a tricky game but at the same time stimulating.We have to think of this meeting as an opportunity: beyond the objective difficulties, let's focus on ourselves. Lazio will not be limited to the ordinary: we know it but we are also aware of our qualities ".

Maran: "We continue to dream"

In addition to the injured Birsa, Castro, Ceppitelli, Cragno and Pavoletti, the suspended Olsen and Rog will also remain among the hosts. But the helmsman of the Sardinians does not seem to worry too much about the long list of absentees, as well as the big risks from his against Sampdoria and Sassuolo. "In those meetings we were not brilliant but it was a physiological drop, we were coming from three games in six days – explains Maran -. In general the team is showing a great performance. The goals on the passive of the last days? We have to be better and more careful in certain aspects, especially in the non-possession phase, but it is also necessary to understand how those goals were taken: the way of interpreting the competition on our part is always the same, but I prefer to think of those marked, which have been many. a great championship, tomorrow we will field our usual attitude. We want to continue to dream ".

"Gigi Riva honorary president? Beautiful idea"

The fans have already answered the call. "A sign that we have sent him something – the coach declares – and this fills us with pride". From next week there will be an additional "reinforcement": Gigi Riva will be nominated by the honorary president of the board. "A beautiful idea that fills us with joy. I can't find the words to express my happiness. Gigi has always been an integral part of this club – Maran's words, almost moved – this new position reinforces his closeness to us who live an extraordinary moment ".

"Absences? Determined to do the maximum always"

With so many unavoidable the relaunch of Ionita in the roar together with Cigarini, Nandez and Nainggolan is inevitable. Even if the technician keeps everyone on the rope. "I take everyone into consideration. From here to tomorrow I will do my thoughts and then make the choices. We are determined to do the maximum always and in any case", he clarified Maran which has called 22 players. This is the complete list: 1 Rafael, 2 Pinna, 3 Mattiello, 4 Nainggolan, 8 Cigarini, 9 Cerri, 10 Joao Pedro, 12 Cacciatore, 15 Klavan, 17 Oliva, 18 Nandez, 19 Pisacane, 20 Aresti, 21 Ionita, 22 Lykogiannis , 24 Faragò, 26 Ragatzu, 27 Deiola, 33 Pellegrini, 34 Ciocci, 40 Walukiewicz, 99 Simeone.

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