Maneuver, at the new summit to find a compromise on taxes after Renzi's wall


Two hours of summit yesterday at Palazzo Chigi were not enough. Matteo Renzi's stop on plastic tax, sugar tax and company cars forced the majority to an emergency meeting and set a new meeting for this morning. Italia Viva is not satisfied with the reduction of these taxes already decided by the government with respect to the initial formula. He asked for the total cancellation that would result in the renunciation of 500-600 million in revenue. And the search for covers has caused a delay in the beginning of the summit.The premier, Giuseppe Conte, asked the technicians of the MEF and the Accounting Office to make "an additional effort" to cover the lost revenue. But a complete reverse is difficult. Also because – at least in the case of plastic tax and sugar tax – these are measures that have, in the intentions of the government, also an approach linked to the environment and health protection. And in fact Luigi Di Maio, guest of Circo Massimo on Radio Capital, says: "On the maneuver, we must have the constancy to finish it, then inside it is sacrosanct that there are plastic tax and sugar tax: to say that companies must use recyclable containers , like saying that foods with too much sugar should be limited ".
In short, a compromise is sought. There may be a postponement until mid-2020 for the plastic tax. On the other hand, there had already been an intervention: the expected revenue has already fallen by 70 percent for the plastic tax (from one billion to 300 million). Taxes on company cars were almost zero (16 million compared to the initial 347), while the sugar tax (approximately 200 million) remained unchanged. In case of agreement, it will be possible to start voting in committee, in the Senate. And the landing of the budget bill is scheduled for Monday.



Maneuver, plus tax on concessions to compensate for discounts on plastic and company cars

But on the other hand, the confrontation is not just about the merit of the measures. Last night Matteo Renzi, a guest of Piazzapulita, said that "the government has 50 percent of the chances of falling". The premier responded with a reference to Leopardi: he called the leader of Italia Viva a "cosmic pessimist". But the maneuver is only one of the fronts of confrontation in the government. The mine of prescription remains to be defused, with the clash between Cinquestelle and Pd (and Italia Viva). The government, in short, navigates on sight.

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