Luigi Di Maio, the PD conspiracy: "Land burned, prepare the turnaround and the change of leader in the M5s"


A mega-plot against Luigi Di Maio, signed Pd. The background of the Corriere della Sera reports the fears of the loyalists of the Foreign Minister, on the verge of paranoia. In the environments close to the political leader of the grillini it is suspected "that the dems are plotting for the early end of the legislature". And so far, all lawful, almost banal. But the more you venture into the magical world of the 5 Stars, the more science fiction details are discovered.

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Some parliamentarians of the PD, we read, would be "fueling the revolt of the M5s groups in view of the D-day of 26 January". It's election day regional in Emilia Romagna and a possible defeat of the outgoing governor Stefano Bonaccini (del Pd) "could provoke the catastrophe". In summary: according to the dimaiani the Pd, in anticipation of its own defeat, prepares the ground to make sure that the 5 Stars are to make the government fall the next day". Twisted? Hold on tight, because you travel even more in the hyperuranium of conspiracy: "The great fear is that the Democratic Party wants to take advantage of Di Maio's solitude to prepare a turnaround it's a change of leadership". The passwords would be" psychological terrorism "and"scorched earth"around the former vice-premier. A pressing savage on the dissident grillini and all because, after all, going to the vote tomorrow, with a Movement in crisis, would agree to the Democratic Party. To those who read and are far from the Roman Palaces there will be a doubt: but none Do you have the courage to declare once and for all the crisis of this unfortunate government?

In the video of Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev, De Micheli admits the clash between Pd and M5s on the prescription

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