Luca Sacchi, who is the Mister X who gave the money to Anastasiya and Princi: a resounding suspicion


In the investigation parallel to that on the murder of Luca Sacchi it is the hunt for Mister X, the financier he would have given to the victim's girlfriend, Anastasiya Kylemnyk, and to Luca's friend, Giovanni Princi, i 70 thousand euros then hidden in the Ukrainian backpack they would use to pay the pusher 15 kilos of marijuana. According to investigators, he explains Republic, would be a restaurateur.

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Suspicion arises thanks to the testimony of his girlfriend Valerio Del Grosso, the drug dealer who shot Sacchi. He and his fiance would spend the afternoon in a secret apartment of the Celio, the logistics base of the dealers, and spent the night at the hotel. The day after the murder, Del Grosso and his girlfriend would go to a restaurant for lunch Trastevere and according to the prosecutors the owner is the financier of the drug exchange.

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