Live-It is not D'Urso, not only the Luxuria-Carmelita kiss: Asia Argento arrives, and …


Stop the violence. Stop homophobia. In the programs of Barbara d’Urso a real battle against all forms of prejudice and discrimination has always been taking place. This is a battle that all programs should take as an example. And also yesterday, Monday 9 December, the queen of Cologno, issued a clear message against all forms of violence. "Let's kiss her," he asked Luxuria is Asia Argento, two guests in the studio at Live-is not the D'Urso (the show program of the Monday evening leader of the listenings: a hymn to true love).

But at one point, to unleash that kiss that is worth a hundred, a thousand words, it was just the hostess. An out of program that the audience loved at home and in the studio. To the Live Luxuria told what happened to Melania and Chris, two girls beaten by five teenagers on a bus in London because they were homosexuals: this dramatic story served as a teaching to make everyone reflect on the importance of the fight against discrimination.

by Francesco Fredella

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