Ligue 1, Bordeaux-Nimes suspended: supporters protest


LIGUE 1 BORDEAUX NIMES / Twenty minutes of interruption: Bordeaux-Nimes was suspended around the tenth of the first half for the protest of the hosts' fans.

Dozens of supporters crowded the sidelines asking to speak with society: this is the explosion of a clash that has been going on for weeks now and sees President Frederic LONGUEPEE in the crosshairs of supporters who in recent days had returned to ask for his resignation, along with that of another Bordeaux executive, Antony Thiodet. All the latest market news: CLICK HERE!

Before the suspension decided by the referee, the Girondin goalkeeper Benoit Costil he had a dialogue with the fans that did not help to calm the spirits: after twenty minutes of interruption and the restoration of the regular playing conditions, the referee made the teams return to the field and the match resumed.

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