Lazio to scream, Juve upside down. The first ko for Sarri arrives: the bianconeri now at minus two


Juve's first defeat in the season and a taboo broken sixteen years later. Lazio beat the Sarri band for the first time at the Olimpico since 2003 and is confirmed as the third strength of the championship, while the bianconeri see Inter run away at +2. In the first half Luiz Felipe replied to Ronaldo, then in the second half Cuadrado's expulsion opened to the goals of Milinkovic and Caicedo for the 3-1 final. Immobile also misses a penalty, but the result is a liar: at least for the first 60 minutes the guests would deserve at least the same, before a resounding mistake by Dybala and red for the Colombian full-back.

The race starts immediately with the very high pressing of Maurizio Sarri's players, who try to manage possession in the first minutes of the game. Dybala goes down very far to the right to set the game, while CR7 looks for depth behind the central home. At 5 'the first flash of Lazio with Immobile launched by Milinkovic, but De Ligt is providential in estirada. At 10 'the blinding light of Dybala lights up: the Joya first forces Strakosha to a good intervention with a left turn, then he touches the goal directly from the corner. However, Ronaldo also seems in the mood for the Olimpico, with serpentines and shots that seem to show a polished version of the Portuguese ace. It was he who, at the quarter-hour, invented a run-off and a perfect cross at the far post, where Bernardeschi sent incredibly high.

Bonucci keeps a good watch on Correa, while Sarri walks with his white sneakers and seems to approve the beginning of the Bianconeri. And at 25 'the deserved advantage arrives: triangulation of the first Dybala-Bentacur-Ronaldo, which from a few steps signs the goal of the advantage. First away goal in this Serie A for Juventus 7. Lazio tries to react driven by the packed Olimpico and on the 35 'Immobile wastes from an excellent position, kicking very high a precise cross from Lazzari. At 43 'guests one step away from doubling: Bernardeschi is wedged to the right and crossed for Ronaldo, but his header is saved with a miracle by Strakosha on the line. And in the recovery the Olimpico explodes: on the developments of a corner, Luis Alberto bowl for Luiz Felipe that all alone beats Szczesny.

The second half starts with Juve attacking head-on, looking for Cuadrado and Matuidi raids, while at 4 'Luis Alberto does not surprise Juventus number 1 with a powerful but central shot.

The start of the second half is very physical and tactical, with the two teams trying not to discover too much and the defenses well commanded by Acerbi and Bonucci. But after the 20th the race was heated: first Dybala devoured the 1-2 by kicking on Strakosha with Ronaldo free at the door, then Szczesny saved on Correa's exit. At 25 ', however, the episode that changes everything: from a corner kick Lazzari goes solo and Cuadrado stretches him from last man: red for Colombian and Juve in ten.

And in fact, a few minutes later, Luis Alberto launched Milinkovic-Savic, who beat Szczesny by signing Lazio 2-1. Eleven from the end the biancocelesti also have the match ball: the Juventus goalkeeper lands Correa in the area, but from 11 meters hypnotizes Immobile. The bianconeri must reorganize themselves: Danilo and Higuain enter for Bernardeschi and Dybala. In the final, Juve attacked at 10, but the home fort held up despite the lunges of Ronaldo and his companions. And in the final the newly entered Caicedo also signed the 3-1 final, a decidedly excessive result for what we saw in the field. But Simone Inzaghi flies: seventh win in a row and third place at -3 from Juve. Sarri must reflect: after a very positive first half, losing like that hurts with Inter going away. The only positive note: Ronaldo is back and will need his talent for the challenge with the great former Count.

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