Lazio out of the Europa League: 0-2 in Rennes, but Simone Inzaghi thinks of the championship


There Lazio comes out sadly from theEuropa League: few surprises from Rennes, where the French win 2-0. But even a victory would not have been enough for the biancocelesti, given the contemporary success of the Cluj against the Celtic already first in the Pool. In the end, it is Scottish and Romanians who qualify for the sixteenth place.

It does everything in Rennes Gnagnon: at half an hour the defender escapes control of Acerbi and uses a corner ball to score. The recovery starts with the news from Cluj that the Romanian team is ahead, which means that Lazio's hopes of continuing in the Europa League are getting weaker and weaker. The doubling of Rennes in the 42nd minute, again with Gnagnon. From Lazio not even an interesting shot towards the opponent's goal. Now the biancocelesti has only to consolidate the position in the championship standings and also cultivate the dream of a qualification for the next Champions League.

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