La Gruber falls in love with "feminist" Sardines: "Bravo Santori"


Milan, 6 December – He certainly could not miss thesupport of Lilli Gruber, an anti-Medieval woman of iron, to the Sardines. And made it public during the broadcast Half past eight on La7.

Santori the parsley

Mattia Santori is now everywhere, so nNot surprisingly, Gruber wanted to grab it. Never let an opportunity be so tempting! Along with him, also present Annalisa Cuzzocrea de The Republic and Alessandro Sallusti, director of The newspaper. But Gruber obviously had her eyes on heart only for the Sardine leader.

"Feminist Sardines"

And how will the icy heart of the Gruber, which melts only if it can attack Salvini to beat for Santori, succeed? Easy, speaking of the pink quotas. "I like pink odds, of course!"Exclaims Santori enthusiastically (but we had doubts?)" The beauty of this movement, besides the fact of having a female name – which is very pleasing to us – is the fact that it is composed mostly of women and is a beautiful thing. We have good female exponents". And the iron feminist Gruber broke into a resounding: "Bravo!"

Sallusti breaks the idyll

Salluti, however, thought of putting the cards back in order, accusing Santori with his Sardines of spreading a mistaken perception of the country: "To say that in Italy there is a climate of terror and illiberal is to tell a lie. And in another television interview you said that Bologna and Emilia Romagna do not wake up under a dictatorship … here, Lombardy has been governed for twenty years by the center-right and I assure you that in Lombardy there is no one who lives in the absence of freedom. Therefore, to say that if the center-right rules, there is a dictatorship that is both illiberal and stupidor". But you know, it is more important to be a feminist than to be prepared and in this the Sardines are unbeatable.

Ilaria Paoletti

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