Juventus, Ronaldo plays the charge: "We hold on, united until the end"


TURIN – The knockout with Lazio, the injury to Bentancur, the disqualification of Cuadrado and Pjanic. The Juventus Sunday after the 3-1 with which the Biancocelesti inflicted the first defeat of the season to Sarri's team is clearly full of questions. The first negative result of a championship so far more than positive, at least from a numerical point of view, can be redeemed already in the Champions League against Bayer Leverkusen, even if the best recipe is proposed by Captain Bonucci. "Staying together, working, improving" the three concepts expressed by the Juventus defender on social media, summarizing the words spoken at the end of the game: "Things must be done to cool down, the episodes have been unfavorable – Bonucci's point to Dazn's microphones -. great first half in the field and match domination without conceding anything to Lazio, then in the second half the unfavorable episodes both in goal and in referees conditioned the result We need to improve, that is obvious because a team like ours cannot concede so many goal".

Seen from the wing

Juventus, the situation is serious

Remaining united and "rediscovering the desire to know how to suffer in times of suffering", sacrificing, if necessary, the search for the beautiful game: "It's good to build good football but we must also find in ourselves that determination and that hunger for not wanting to undergo. We must look at ourselves, we know what our path is, our maximum and put it in the field.

Dybala and Ronaldo

A road, that of work and unity, also indicated by Dybala: "Right now we need to stay united and think about what is coming – confirmed the 'Joya' on Instagram – work more and improve to grow #finoallafine" . After the silence of the night, which lasted until the morning, Cristiano Ronaldo broke the silence, perhaps the most positive in yesterday's ko with Lazio: "Let's hold on and stay together until the end" the post published by CR7 on Instagram, refreshed from growing condition but broken for the first ko of the season.

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