Juve will have problems, but woe to the funeral


After 20 games between the league and Europe, Juventus stopped, defeated for the first time in the Sarri era. And as always happens in our mood ball, controversy has been unleashed around the Lady. Just as the super start of Inter was not enough for Antonio Conte to cancel the insatiable Nerazzurri DNA, the history of the last eight league titles is not enough to keep the nerves in the Juventus home. "Calm," Massimiliano Allegri would have shouted.
But today there is the other Tuscan, Maurizio, who must restore serenity without hiding the defects that emerged against Lazio. Already known problems, but so far often hidden by comebacks of nerves or play of individuals.
Juve does not have the best attack in the league, with just 26 goals scored (Atalanta is very far from 37) nor the usual rear armored primacy: 15 goals are conceded, two more than Inter. Just like the points that distance the teams in the standings. Too little for those who can boast Cristiano Ronaldo forwards and De Ligt in trust. Although "mister 85 million" is perhaps one of the men guilty: although endowed with a great talent, as every twenty year old would have needed time and a guide. Chiellini's injury took both of them off.
The discussion around CR7 is more complex.
In Madrid the Portuguese had learned to manage himself, while in Turin he imposed his presence. A situation that takes away from Sarri freedom of maneuver and, complicit in the physical problems of Douglas Costa, forces him to force Bernardeschi into a role not his own. At the start of the season, the coach's concepts could be seen at least for 60 minutes, while at the Olympic Juventus lasted just half an hour: a worrying reverse. Accidents are a mitigating circumstance – although Bentancur was perfect as deputy Khedira -, but the market has not paid up to now. The zero parameters unearthed by Paratici, Rabiot and Ramsey, have not given anything extra and the reduced alternatives on the bands have led to the promotion of Cuadrado as right back. A delight on many occasions, a cross on the occasion of the red foul with Lazio.
Conte smiles for now, but he will need an enterprise against Barcelona to win the knockout stages of the Champions League. In case of elimination, not even the top of the standings will spare him the criticisms of the usual suspects.
Sarri the pass already has it in his pocket, he can look with confidence to winter work and in the meantime already in Ryad in the Supercup the 22 can take revenge on Lazio. In front there will be the usual Inzaghi, ready to surprise again. After the umpteenth summer of doubts, the Biancocelesti have erased the usual seal limits, making only their third-place temporary talent shine. Like Simone, his brother Pippo enjoys it: disposed of the Milan hangover, he started from the bottom and today dominates Serie B with Benevento at +9 on the Citadel. The derby between the two could soon be a reality again.
Speaking of reality, the two consecutive Milan successes are true: the Rossoneri still do not impress, but with the return of Bonaventura, a true player, the ideas have clearly improved. It could be the beginning of a very different season.

by Francesco Perugini

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