"It is my apolitical brand, ignorant" (Video)


Rome, Dec 13 – Much ado about nothing. The mma sample Alessio Sakara he replied in kind to those who had accused the Inter full-back Cristiano Biraghi of wearing "Fascist shin guards". Biraghi, a few days ago, had been photographed seated on the sidelines wearing the protections that some journalists and the infamous "web people" had found a little too "lined up". The reason? On the shin guards there was a drawing tricolor (never be!) the head of a legionary and the Latin inscription Vae victis (woe to the vanquished). No symbol that could really lead back to extreme right ideologies, but it was enough to make it fall victim to gogna politically correct.


It was nothing more than equipment for sportsmen of the Legio's brand, a team owned, in fact, by Sakara, who also owns some gyms under the same name. Given the media storm, the fighter wanted to clarify by posting a video on the page where, quite annoyed, he takes it – and rightly so – against those who initially made unfounded accusations: "They pulled me in the middle. These days we are talking a lot about a logo used by Biraghi on shin guards during Inter-Barcelona. You should better inform or maybe ask those who know more. That logo is recorded since 2010, it's called ‘Legio’s Team’, and it's not fascist ”, explains the wrestler, who is also angry with the journalists, "who do not inform themselves and write nonsense to create confusion. They are not loyal: they could have asked me the meaning of what appears on the shin guards of the offending player, or they could have asked the player himself ".

"You just want to stir up people"

"Who says it is ignorant and wants to create only confusion – continues Sakara – You want to stir up people, get it over with. I repeat, that symbol is not fascist. That symbol represents the helmet of the Spartans, since I like history. I dedicated it to my two sons Leonida and Marco Valerio. Where is fascism? This is bad information. I don't know why Biraghi had it, but I'm happy using it. That brand has been registered since 2010 and all the teams that use it are apolitical, we don't care about politics ".

# share ignorance is the great social danger of our day. And these journalists are proof Ps: journalism, the real one, is something else

Publiee par Alessio Sakara sur Jeudi 12 decembre 2019

Cristina Gauri

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