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MILAN – Problems for Intesa Sanpaolo customers, who have difficulty accessing their personal online pages. The site specialized in this kind of reports – – ​​has traced a growth of malfunctions since mid-morning, with peak around lunch time.Judging by the map of the origin of these alerts, this is a widespread problem throughout the peninsula with a greater concentration in large cities such as Turin and Milan, where operations are likely to be greater and the historical customer base of the institution is located.
A test performed by, actually it was not possible to connect to the online current account: once entered the credentials (holder code and Pin) on the home page of the Intesa Sanpaolo virtual bank, the system did not give further "signs of life". It has thus proved impossible to authenticate – via the smartphone – and access personal data.The problem has recurred trying to access through the App on a smartphone: when trying to enter the personal page, the screen has "crashed" with the message from the bank: "Please wait". Difficulty even when making a credit card payment to buy an online ticket: the confirmation of your credit card being cumbersome, it was necessary to use an SMS to close the payment.

On the Twitter profile of the bank, in response to an official twitter we read a complaint from an account holder: "The site does not work, the app is very slow, I tried to call the call center at 10.45 and a few hours ago someone answered and he knocked it down. It's Monday, the month has changed, and you haven't hired people to make the profit work while you stuff yourself with the superfluous. " Bank response: "Hi, we have experienced some slowdowns in access to the site and app. Our technicians are already working to restore normal operations".

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