In Siberia a puppy of 18,000 years ago was found


In Siberia a puppy of about two months was found, perfectly preserved in a layer of permafrost: it dates back to 18 thousand years ago and the scientists, who showed it on Monday for the first time after the discovery that took place a year and a half ago , they are trying to understand through DNA analysis whether it was a dog or a wolf. The puppy, who was male, was called Dogor: he has fur, skeleton, teeth, head, nose and mustache still intact.

Dave Stanton, a researcher at the Center for Paleogenetics in Stockholm, a center specializing in the study of DNA, said that more research will be done in the coming months. "We need to put this information in context," he explained. It is not possible to think either of wolves or of contemporary dogs, because the period to which the animal dates back may be precisely the one in which the two families began to diverge. Many scientists say that dogs evolved about 15,000 years ago from a species of wolves that later became extinct. Others suggest that it may have happened much earlier, perhaps 30,000 years ago.

The pup, which was found by locals near the Indigirka river in eastern Siberia, is studied at Yakutsk University: "We also found many other specimens not well preserved. Numerous extinct animals have been found in the dense permafrost, partly due to the melting of ice resulting from climate change. These include a male bison, a woolly rhinoceros, a mummified pony and several mammoths ». It is not clear whether an autopsy will be performed on the puppy's body to see if its organs, including the heart and liver, are still intact. "The body is well preserved, which is rare," said Stanton: "He's the best I've ever seen."

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