Ibrahimovic's announcement: "See you soon in Italy"


"I will go to a team that has to win again, that has to renew its history, which is looking for a challenge against everyone. Only then will I be able to find the necessary stimuli to surprise you again. As a footballer it is not just a matter of choosing a team , there are other factors that must fit in. Even in the interests of my family … See you soon in Italy ". It is the message launched on the pages of GQ Italy by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, at 38 years old looking for new ideas after the farewell to the Major League Soccer. All the clues lead to Milan: "I am very happy to have had this experience in Los Angeles, also because after the injury many people said that I would no longer be able to play, instead I showed that I can still make a difference – he continued the former Inter, Milan and Juventus player, who with the Galaxy scored 52 goals in 58 games – But after two years I said enough, here at a technical and tactical level they still have to grow. "But they are not used to playing with their feet, because in all their traditional sports, baseball, football, basketball, they use their hands."The desire to make a difference is intact: "There are football players who play soccer and others who think about football. When one thinks about it, he invents a new way of doing football, the others just follow. I love making a difference. well only one or two things, I want to do them all well ".
Ibra, approached in Italy in addition to the Rossoneri also in Bologna and Naples, also talks about the problem of racism in the stadiums: "Putting the shirt 'No to racism' and waving the 'No to racism' flag is nice, but it does not solve the problem. Better to remove three points, suspend the game and lose the takings, so you risk going to Serie B. You have to be strict, people don't understand until they pay the consequences. When I was in Italy they shouted me 'Gypsy!'. racism, too, is ignorance, even if then when they see me outside the stadium they compliment me and want to take a picture with me ".

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