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The Greta effect seems to make its way even during the most traditional shopping time of the year, that of Christmas gifts.Testing the buying behavior was the eBay portal, which found the Italians more attentive to "green and eco-friendly" themes: according to online shopping experts, this translates into "more gifts" than thought and less waste of 'last minute, more attention to what the label of a product says, but also no more real trees – which risk drying out and dying as soon as the holidays are over – to decorate the house ".
The sustainable predisposition involves in particular younger consumers: "For them, in fact, provenance, production methods and impact on the environment are aspects that should not be underestimated in the purchase of a present. In fact, 41% of those interviewed admitted that will consider the criterion of sustainability in making a decision for Christmas gifts ".Almost half of consumers (47% to be precise) now consider eco-sustainable products as a more than valid alternative for variety and cost competitiveness.

Conversely, the forecasts regarding the estimated consumption differ. According to the same eBay this year Christmas gifts will reach 370 million sending a total of over 8 billion euros. Something like 234 euros of expenditure per head (8% more than last year's forecast).

Discordant the forecast that gives the Codacons, for which the Christmas consumption this year could move back compared to last year with a 2% drop: the evaluation is of the Codacons that calculates in 10 billion and about 167 euros each the volume of overall business. Only expenses for food, toys and hi-tech and electronics should increase compared to Christmas 2018.

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