green light on the 12 Hours of Abu Dhabi


Valentino Rossi on track with the Kessel Ferrari FT3. Together with Luca Marini and Uccio to attack the Abu Dhabi 12 Hours

Valentino Rossi already in the box of Yas Marina to better prepare the 12 Hours of Abu Dhabi. Together with Luca Marini and Alessio Salucci they became familiar with the Kessel Racing team and with the curves of the track. It is one of the most demanding endurance races on the Arab territory, with teams from all over the world. This ninth edition will have the champion of Tavullia as an exceptional testimonial and the social channels all seem to gravitate around the MotoGP champion.

This year Valentino Rossi did not take part in the Monza Rally Show to engage with the historic Yamaha-Mercedes exchange with Lewis Hamilton and with this high level challenge. In 2014, Jorge Lorenzo also took part in the 12 Hours of the Gulf, winning with a Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo from the same Kessel Racing team. It starts Friday morning at 12:00 (Italian time) with the briefing, from 14 to 17 the first free practice session. The Tavullia trio is called to push Ferrari's mighty V8 engine to the limit to attempt a remarkable undertaking on all four wheels. Always a lover of Rally, the Doctor could be fascinated by this type of competition and think about it for a not too distant future.

The program of the 12 Hours of the Gulf (Italian time)

Thursday 12 December

12.00 – 12.45 Driver briefing
2.00pm – 5.00pm Free practice 1 (180m)

Friday, December 13th

06.30 – 07.20 Free Practice 2 (50m)
07.30 – 08.20 Free Practice 3 (50m)
08.30 – 09.20 Free Practice 4 (50m)
2.00pm – 2.15pm Qualifying Driver 1 (15m)
2.30pm – 2.45pm Qualifying Driver 2 (15m)
15.00 – 15.15 Qualifying Driver 3 (15m)

Saturday, December 14th

06.30 – 12.30 Race Part 1 (6h)
14.30 – 20.30 Race Part 2 (6h)

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