Giuseppe Conte, Popular of Bari saves but the government does not. "If so, I pull the plug", devastating outburst


The bank is safe, the government is not. IS Giuseppe Conte he comes to talk about "pulling the plug". The CDM on Sunday evening approved the decree that it will allocate 900 million euros to avoid the default of the Popolare di Bari, even if the sword of Damocles remains of the judgment of the EU Commission on the possible "State aid. In the majority little or nothing runs smoothly, though. Luigi Di Maio (in line with the prime minister and the minister of the economy Roberto Gualtieri, of the Democratic Party) e Matteo Renzi there is no agreement on the hypothesis of a new "Banca del Mezzogiorno".

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According to a background of the Corriere della SeraHowever, Conte's concerns are already addressed to the next few hours. "Today the first vote on the Senate is voted on Budget law – anticipates the newspaper -. Renzi will take the floor, he will attack the parties again and he will try to get the positive choices of the maneuver ". Not only, because in the evening the prime minister will still gather ministers and heads of delegation, with the aim of fixing the pegs of his phantom"Agenda 2023" (while Nicola Zingaretti, note the sarcastic Corsera, speaks only of "Agenda 2020"). On the files still open, Alitalia is Ilva, until the maneuver, the risks of ambushes and fractures are daily. "If government verification fails – it's its outburst – I would be the first to acknowledge it and a unplug". And from Pd they do not seem to do anything to calm the climate, asking the 5 Stars for a package deal on Europe, justice, autonomy, taxation. "Or they accept – seeps from the Nazarene -, or we don't stand".

In the video of Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev, Conte sabato on Popolare Bari: "We are lively but responsible"

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