Giuseppe Conte announces the agreement on the maneuver: sugar and plastic, "frozen" taxes. Stunt on the games


"Don't call it the tax maneuver, it would be a lie." Giuseppe Conte shortly after 10.30 pm announced by Palazzo Chigi, together with the Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri, "the agreement found in the majority" on the budget law and briefly outlines the "complete picture" developed by the government after a day of high tension, started with the assault of Matteo Renzi on micro-taxes (and explicit threat of crisis and early voting) and a (non-routine) ascent of the Prime Minister to the Quirinale to account to the president Sergio Mattarella of the situation.

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Here, then, are the first measures announced by Conte and Gualtieri. zeroed the corporate car tax, the sugar tax will start from 1 October 2020, the plastic tax it has been reduced by 85% and postponed to July, while there will be 3 billion of euro for families. "We are not the government of taxes – comments Conte visibly relieved – but what redistributes more money to the citizens". Now the Senate Budget Committee will vote amendments to the maneuver from Monday 9 December, the goal is to bring the text to Palazzo Madama by next Friday.

How to make ends meet after the micro-tax cut? In the late afternoon there was talk of one Robin tax on companies that benefit from state concessions (with possible price increases in the bills, therefore). Second Republic, the focus is on the tightening of the levy on gambling winnings. An amendment to the majority study states that "from 1 January 2020, dealers will withhold the 15% of the winnings exceeding i 25 euros – he writes -. Games involved, even if at a distance: Win for life – Win for life, Win for life – Win for Life Gold is SiVinceTutto SuperEnalotto, national lotteries instant extraction ". Lowered the withdrawal threshold (from over 500 euros to, precisely 25) and the fee advanced (from May to January).

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