Giuseppe Conte and Luigi Di Maio, a comparison in a hotel in Rome. The big Democratic Party: "Accident is always possible"


A meeting, in great secrecy, of which he gives an account The messenger in a backstory. The face-to-face meeting took place on Saturday 7 December at the Hotel Parco delle Princes for the Forum on the Mediterranean. The protagonists? Giuseppe Conte is Luigi Di Maio. Of course, it was expected that the two would be together at the event. What was not foreseen, on the other hand, was a confrontation between the premier and the pentastellato. A mini-summit to take stock of a government that is increasingly frayed and close to the crisis, especially after the clashes over the maneuver and the trips dropped by Matteo Renzi. After the meeting, the entourage of the M5s political leader said that "there was a feeling between the two, smiles and pats on the back". But then The messenger reports the words of a senior member of the Democratic Party, who, by choosing anonymity, explains: "Di Maio is terrified of early elections like Renzi and we have difficulty going there due to the international stability of the country. But given the divisions, an accident is always possible, not to mention that if at the end of January it is lost in Emilia Romagna, it will be hard to go on with this government ", he concludes.

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In the video (Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev) Giuseppe Conte talks about the maneuver

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