Genoa, a 3-year-old girl left alone at home, falls from the fifth floor and dies


The woman, originally from bangladesh, he heard a scream behind him and when he turned he saw his daughter's little body on the ground, flown from the fifth floor of their house into vico San Marcellino, in the heart of the historic center of Genoa. The woman took the baby in her arms and started asking for help by running towards the nearby square. "He shouted in despair – said one of the local merchants – we told her to calm down and we called the ambulance".

A tragedy that has upset the whole neighborhood. The child, despite the doctors' attempts, died in front of her mother's eyes.

The drama took place within a few seconds. The little girl would have fallen just as her mother was in the street, just out of the front door. The investigators of the flying squad are trying to reconstruct all the details. There windowin all likelihood, it may have been left ajar, maybe it was route. The child may have managed to open it easily. She leaned over to see her mother and would lose her balance. The woman was accompanied to the police station, still in a state of shock. Now it is investigated for abandonment of a minor followed by death, an aggravating circumstance of the first crime.

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