From Naples here are the black sardines, the "migrant face" of the movement: we missed it


Naples, Dec 7 – Don't pay for having sickened us with nausea sardine manifestations, the movement of Santori & co. is enriched with a new offshoot: black sardines. We really needed it, from the immigrant and immigrationist wing of the movement: born of Migrants and Refugees Movement of Naples they are parading in procession in the heart of the Neapolitan city during these hours.

The press release

"Black Sardines are all those sardines that could not come down in the Italian squares of these last weeks, because they are considered different from the other Sardines ", they explain in a post appeared on the page of the Ex Opg of Naples. "The black sardines are those sardines that have crossed the desert, have fled to the Libyan fields and are now swimming in the sea of ​​bureaucracy and institutional racism. Black Sardines are waiting to start the procedure for the recognition of international protection for months, waiting for their permission still blocked in the Immigration Offices ". In the statement the black sardines are careful not to specify that only 80% of asylum seekers see themselves refused the request because, simply, they have no right to remain in Italy. But for them these are details.

The lunge to Salvini

In the statement, it could not miss the launch of arrows against the former Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini:: "Since the Safety Decree of Matteo Salvini came into force they are unable to convert humanitarian protection into a residence permit for work.In doing so they are condemned to swim silently in a sea of hatred, invisibility, racism and exploitation". The post closes telling of their role within the procession: "The Sardine Nere will resume their voices and will cross the center of the city swimming against the waves of abuse and indifference of the immigration police station. No network can stop us, because our lives are too important to get stuck ".

ERE THE BLACK SARDINES ARRIVE IN NAPLES! AtoSaturday December 7th from 10:00 am from Piazza Garibaldi the procession of the …

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Cristina Gauri

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