From Barletta the story of Giuseppe, the engineer with praise who makes the sweeper: "Every profession is dignified and useful"


Giuseppe is 35 and one engineering degree, achieved with full marks. He does the job scavenger in Barletta. "For a while I looked for a job consistent with mine do you study but I didn't find it. In the end I decided to do something else, since at my age I would like to start a family ”. Thus did Joseph garbage collector competition and won it.

"Giving up one's dreams is not beautiful", he tells "Morning Five"The young man, his voice broken with tears. "There is a bit of regret, also because the sacrifices of my parents to make me study were not enough".

"These are words that make us think and this guy is a case of great strength," Forza Italia MP commented in the studio Simone Baldelli, which takes the opportunity to criticize citizenship income: “It does not give the dignity of work. And too much bureaucracy does not match the supply and demand for employment ".

The governor of Emilia Romagna is also a guest Stefano Bonaccini, candidate of the center-left in the next regional elections: "The words of that boy are very beautiful, they are the recognition of the dignity of any work. However, this country cannot frustrate sacrifices families and students ".

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